European Society of Endodontology congress, Vienna 2019

The future of Endodontic Microbiology was presented by Luis Chavez de Paz as a Key Note Lecture at the ESE congress in Vienna on September 12, 2019.

The evolution of endodontic microbiology is a response to clinical needs. This can take the form of an increased demand to translate results from research and technical innovations garnered from laboratory investigations to improve anti-infective therapies. With the inclusion of biofilm biology in endodontics, research in endodontic microbiology is slowly abandoning the dogma of the pure culture technique. Moreover, molecular biology techniques have improved our knowledge of endodontic infections and promise to revolutionize the diagnosis of endodontic disease. This lecture offers a framework of what’s to come in the field of endodontic microbiology, based mostly on the evolutionary pace of microbiologic studies witnessed over the past years.

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